I am father of 4 kids.

I have been designing and constructing (engineering) better systems since 1982. Until 2000 I was employed by USA multinationals and since 2000 I work mostly as a self-employed in my own company:
Clocked S.O. B.V. 

Although I have a chemical technological background, I have been a certified IT engineer since 1987 and have worked in different management roles since 1990 upto CEO of small factories.

Not left, not right but just.

My political ambition is to make society less dependent on the government and change the 'government' into 'public service'. Making society more 'togetherness aware', also outside of a religious context, is a key point for me. (Togetherness is deliberately chosen because it is less effortless than solidarity.)
My research shows that modern communication and system knowledge (including the human system) must be incorporated into modern society designs and system designs. This is rarely the case. I call improving this "humansys engineering".
One of the systems that require adaptation is the organization of the free world. My research shows that its resilience towards unfreedom depends on a better understanding of the free world philosophic roots. This is more than a free market and more than Adam Smith. And far more universal than the west only.
More about this on freeworldpeople.org.